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Meet the Staff

If you’ve been to our tap rooms before, you probably already know we’re pretty awesome. If you haven’t, here are a few fun facts you should know about the MashCraft brew-slingers. Just one catch: one statement from each team member is a lie. Except our favorite beer; those are totally truths. We’re serious about our beer.

Swing by the tap room to give us your best guess. (Please no psychic interventions, Tarot cards, or Facebook stalking). Free high fives for our super sleuths. Good luck, and guess on, friends!


I have eaten guinea pig.
I had to ask Warren Buffet how to flush his fancy toilet.
I’ve lost count of how many times i’ve watched “The Office”.
Favorite Beer: Alex


I’m left-handed.
I’ve been shot in the head with a bow and arrow.
I’ve seen every Nicholas Cage movie.
Favorite Beer: Golden Fiddle


I hauled 17 decorative wheat beer glasses from Bavaria to Indianapolis in 1 suitcase without breaking a single one.
I washed windows on the outside of skyscrapers for extra money during college.
I used to announce classical music programming on public radio.
Favorite Beer: Barrel-Aged Mariana


I believe the Earth is flat.
I was a tri-state champion for women’s wrestling.
I’m SCUBA certified.
Favorite Beer: Kitty’s Got Claws


I’ve been in a submarine.
I spoke a line in an episode of Full House.
I had a tree that has been in space.
Favorite Beer: Last Light


I spent time rescuing penguins in South Africa.
I have a pet goat named Henry.
I grew up on a watermelon farm.
Favorite Beer: Easy Shuffle

I love amazing craft beer.
I love having fun.
I love helping people to experience craft beer.
Favorite Beer: Anything from MashCraft!