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Meet the Staff

If you’ve been to our tap rooms before, you probably already know we’re pretty awesome. If you haven’t, here are a few fun facts you should know about the MashCraft brew-slingers. Just one catch: one statement from each team member is a lie. Except our favorite beer; those are totally truths. We’re serious about our beer.

Swing by the tap room to give us your best guess. (Please no psychic interventions, Tarot cards, or Facebook stalking). Free high fives for our super sleuths. Good luck, and guess on, friends!


I once broke my leg on a half pipe.
My favorite hobby is playing drums.
I can eat two Chipotle burritos in one sitting.
Favorite Beer: Barrel Aged Mariana,


I held a 3 point record for basketball in high school.
Tony and I braid each other’s hair every morning.
The keg in my picture is full.
Favorite Beer: Java Joe


Tony and I are biological twins.
I’m allergic to beer.
My mustache is made of wolverine fur.
Favorite Beer: Java Volume I


I got my ears pierced at Claire’s.
I saw Frozen in theaters by myself.
My first concert was Backstreet Boys.
Favorite Beer: Maverick


I have a tail.
I am an amateur woodworker.
My favorite food are Fruit Loops.
Favorite Beer: MashCraft Red


I like holding hands.
I went to the London Olympics.
I’m a Zumba instructor.
Favorite Beer: Last Light