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On Tap – Delaware

Stop in for a pint and fill a growler or bullet to take home or share with your family and friends.

MashCraft on Delaware also proudly carries wine from local Buck Creek Winery



Delaware Wine Menu

Buck Creek Winery


This wine has floral aromas with flavors of melon and bright lemon with just a touch of buttery oak on the finish.

Buck Creek Winery

Cabernet Sauvignon

A rich, full-bodied, dry red wine aged in small American oak barrels.

Buck Creek Winery


This complex Merlot has flavors of plum, black cherry, and violets, and is aged in small French and American oak barrels.

Buck Creek Winery

Der Champion

A white Riesling wine with wonderful grapefruit aromas, with melon and ripe peach flavors.

Buck Creek Winery


A blend of 3 Native American grapes: Concord, Steuben, and Catawba, provide this sweet red wine with a variety of flavors.

Buck Creek Winery


This bubbly Catawba wine has lucious, fruity flavors and pairs well with cheese and fruit.


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