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How We Started

A Roman philosopher, Seneca, is attributed to have said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” A simple overview could dismiss the first five years of MashCraft as simple luck, but we’d be missing the moments that make the MashCraft story special. From the fortuitous encounter between banker John Lee and brewer Andrew Castner in 2012 to finding that vacant restaurant space in Greenwood that no one wanted to the perfectly timed conversation with our engineer friend Joe Janik, which led to him joining our team and creating MashCraft on Delaware in a new building that John just happened to drive by on the right day. These twists and turns can be described as chance, luck, or opportunity, but they all turned out to be the next perfect step.

In the initial meetings with our first two team members, Sarah and Rachel, we began reciting, “Great Beer and Great Service.” With these two elements in mind, we aim to create a premier Craft Beer experience for everyone who walks through our doors. Back in the brewery, Andrew incessantly mutters, “consistently, great variety,” while crafting a vibrant tap list at both locations, where all walks of people can find a beverage they love.

Now and going forward, the entire MashCraft family will work to continually improve the experience at our locations, while we strive to be responsible and charitable members of our surrounding community. From one neighbor to another, we say, “Cheers to Great Beer,” and we look forward to serving you a tasty pint of MashCraft beer the next time you are sitting on the other side of our bar.